San Diego, CA

My story began with a psychic-medium...Many years ago I had a reading from a friend-psychic-medium named "J." (RIP). He kept insisting that my parents weren't together...45 years married at that time, my parents never even fought. I thought maybe he saw one of them dying, like that night !! He asked me over and over, are your parents together and were they always together? I told him, YES. Driving home that night, I really thought I was going to lose one of my parents...I didn't...About a month later, this feeling came over me. I said to myself, "OMG, my father isn't my father and that's why J didn't see them together !!" Never having the extra money for years to join Ancestry, it became more of a crazy joke among my cousins and some some friends. "Your fathers not your father, blah blah." Fast forward like over 20 years, March, 2018...I did join Ancestry when it only cost $49. Ancestry told me that I am half Italian and half German, I knew that. Ancestry also told me I had a match that came up as a "female first-cousin," who I didn't recognize...For months, I just thought I found a cousin that I never knew of. I finally decided to look at Ancestry a lot closer, later in the year. I saw that I was from a different part of Italy than I'd ever known !?! RED FLAGS, SIGNALS !! Was this a first cousin or a half sister ?? !! I emailed her, she replied a month later. LOOOONG story, short. My father is not my father. J was right when he said, I don't see your mother and father together. My biological mother and my biological father were NOT together. The day I had that feeling, everything made sense. I knew it had to be that. Even though I knew it inside, it was still somewhat of a shock when I found that this was actually true. My mother took that secret to her grave. My mother was known and loved by so, so many. So, the first thing I struggled with was, do I tarnish my deceased mother's name? Do I keep her secret? Do other people know? Do I tell? (Now, My "3" parents are all deceased). I have been in contact with my half sister, she has told me a lot. I knew the man who is my father. I have a whole other family. I have told a few people who are close to me. I'm still deciding on if and how to tell My Story to others…I am so happy I joined Ancestry.