Britney N.
Queens, NY
Frontline Hero

I’m so beyond sorry for your loss of your older sister, your friend, your family- your beloved Veronica (Bero); & now your most precious angel. When I heard my heart crumbled not only for Vanessa & her family but for you as well. Through facing and embracing your loss openly, you may more quickly realize there is hope and happiness in the future I would know. & little did I know I gained a judge anoint I’d strength even though I always thought of you as a strong person. Right now, you might feel you want to run away or just be alone or of course just with VJ. I get it. And if you ever need to talk about it from someone who understands a great loss I’m always a text or a call away. You may never understand why her but you will find peace again.

W/o the light of hope, darkness closes in
W/o a small flicker of hope, darkness prevails
Having hope is the light shining at the end of the tunnel of healing*
I love you & I’ll always be here for you if you need me.

Love always,